Neo vs. John Wick

Who would win in a fight between The One and the Baba Yaga? It's a battle of the Keanus!
NeoJohn Wick
Known aliases: Thomas Anderson, The One, Mr AndersonKnown aliases: Jonathon Wick, Jardani Jovonovich, the Baba Yaga

‘The One’ is a great alias. It tells you all you need to know, and it’s snappy. In the John Wick trilogy, Baba Yaga is translated as to meaning The Boogeyman but it actually means a deformed looking old woman in Slavic folklore. Boogeyman is babayka and it seems the writers got a bit muddled up. If John Wick had been dubbed the Babayka, he would have won this round for sure.

NeoJohn Wick
Can withstand a nuclear bombCan kill three grown men with one pencil

Neo takes the win again in the strength category. Despite John Wick’s power, he is still human. Neo has superhuman strength – he can destroy any object with his bare hands!

NeoJohn Wick
TrinityAnimal cruelty, not obeying the rules of The Continental

Neo is sometimes held back by Trinity, whereas John’s hatred towards dog abusers motivated him to live his best life (sort of). John is also a rule breaker which makes him more spontaneous and exciting than Neo.

NeoJohn Wick
Can stop bullets and redirect them, very good aimCan dodge bullets, has an excellent shot, and can reassemble a firearm very quickly

Both Neo and John are handy with firearms, but John takes the win here. Neo is able to manipulate his surroundings, meaning he can project and dodge bullets like nobody’s business. However, John is just a good a shot, and his limited human body has dodged a few bullets too. Not to mention, he can take a gun apart and resemble it in about a nanosecond. Neo doesn’t need to do that because he can just materialise a new one (which is a bit cheaty).

NeoJohn Wick
Can pull off a duster, sweet slow-mo moves, cool shadesFancy cars, fancy bullet proof suit, nice pooches, luscious locks

Whilst it’s true Neo can pull off a duster, John Wick exudes a classic and timeless style with his completely black tailored suit and his matching black car.

And the winner is…

In a classic game of fisticuffs, Neo would definitely win a fight against John Wick – if it took place inside the matrix where he is able to manipulate time and space. On the mean streets of New York however, John Wick would kick Thomas Anderson’s butt.

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