10 Reasons Why Bob’s Burgers Is the Best Animated Sitcom of All Time

I am a Bob's Burgers mega-fan. I love everything about the show (except for the burgers as I don't eat meat but luckily they are only drawn burgers and Bob does serve a veggie burger). Here's my argument as to why I think Bob's Burgers is the best animated sitcom ever.

10. The burger of the day

Every episode of Bob’s Burgers has its own burger of the day special, except for the season six episode Sexy Dance Healing where Bob gets burger block and Teddy becomes enraged. The burger of the day is always written by either Bob or Louise, although Louise’s burgers are usually NSFW. My favourite of Bob’s burger names of the day is the Hit Me With Your Best Shallot burger and my favourite of Louise’s burger names is the Top Butt Burger (Your Face Looks Like a Butt).

9. The locations

Although the Belcher’s frequent a number of regular spots, such as Wagstaff School and Wonder Wharf, they also visits lots of new places and they are always detailed in their design. Some of the best locations outside of the usual places include Teddy’s apartment in the season the episode Full Bars, Mort’s surprisingly trend pad, King’s Head Island, and Quippiquisset Island.

© Fox

8. Store Next Door and the Pest Control Truck

Almost every episode opening has a pest control truck with a different pun for a name, although I will not be picking a favourite as I don’t enjoy the death of animals. On a lighter note, the Store Next Door also has a new name in every episode (there are some episodes that don’t feature the Store Next Door). Some of the best store names are “Butt Stuff (Underwear Outlet), Fern, Baby, Fern (Discount Fern Store), Betty’s Machetes, Rude A-Bake-Enging: Cakes For People You Hate!, and Baby Got Back Problems Physical Therapy.

7. The cast

It seems obvious but the unlikely cast is what makes the characters of Bob’s Burgers who they are. At first, one might question how can a grown man play a 13-year-old girl? Yet, Dan Mintz exudes the essence of Tina through his voice. H. Jon Benjamin’s Bob is a deadpan and exasperated as necessary, whilst Eugene Mirman’s Gene is an 11-year-old boy with a complete matured voice but it works. Kirsten Schaal’s voice for Louise is pretty much her own voice, but what I would consider to be slightly more threatening and John Robert’s Linda is motherly beyond belief.

6. The completeness of each episode

Each episode is complete with a beginning, middle, and end so anyone can jump in at anytime (except for the two-part episodes).

5. Tina’s character development

Throughout the series, characters undergo various developments. Tina, for example, overcomes her stage fright and in the future she can perform on stage. From season one to where we are now, Tina is confident and self-assured young lady. Lots of other animated sitcoms completely lack the idea of a maintained character arc.

© Fox

4. The minor characters

The minor characters do not exist solely to fulfil a purpose within the plot of an episode, they themselves are genuinely funny. My favourite minor character is Marshmallow, a 23-year-old transgender, sex worker who becomes friends with Bob in the season one episode Sheesh! Cab, Bob? According to Bob, Marshmallow “comes and goes as she pleases, answers to no one, and is truly free.” She is also beautiful. Blush.

3. Family dynamic

The family dynamic in Bob’s Burgers is one of the elements that sets it aside from over shows. In The Simpsons, for example, Homer is known to cheat on Marge and regularly strangle his son. And in Family Guy? One word… Megatron. The inter-family relationships we see in Bob’s Burgers are refreshing because it’s based solely on positivity. Each family member supports one another, helping them to develop into well-rounded individuals. The Belchers genuinely love and care about one another.

© Fox

“I got scared! You’re the best family in the world!”

Louise Belcher

2. Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher is one of my person role models. I am in awe of her iconic one-liners as well as her extroversive confidence. She is full of energy and makes everything a fun time. Linda is also caring and supportive to her family and friends. She provides social commentary on the lives of wild racoons. She loves to chant! She once took stuffed animals to the zoo to see the reaction of the real animals. Alright!

© Fox

1. It’s truly funny

It’s not often that a show makes me laugh-out-loud but Bob’s Burgers is one of them. It avoids a lot of recent/topical pop culture references which means the first season is just as funny as the last. I regularly remember a joke from the show at random and chuckle.

“If you wanna dazzle, you gotta take the razzles.”

Tina Belcher

So, I hope you enjoyed my list of 10 reasons why Bob’s Burgers is the best animated sitcom ever. Do you agree? Or disagree? Let me know!

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